Selling Your Property

At Homefinders USA we strive to sell your property in the shortest amount of time at the best attainable price. Listing your property with Homefinders USA includes

  • Exposing your property to the market within 24hrs
  • Providing a custom marketing plan for your property
  • Developing professional ads for local and metropolitan publications
  • Publicizing your property on the internet using popular property search engines
  • Furnishing a written CMA to determine your property’s market value
  • Installing Homefinders USA sign on your property
  • Accurate estimate Your Home’s Value

A good start to estimating the value of your house is using the application below. Just input your address, and the application will track the estimated value of your home over the past few years. It will also display a current value estimate for your home.

The application is generally accurate, but some information about your house may be left out of the valuation, including recent home improvements, landscaping, etc… When you hire us as your Realtor, we will thoroughly detail every aspect of your house that gives it value and make an accurate valuation based on comparable properties.

For a complete professional property evaluation fill out a valuation request form or contact Homefinders USA, 708-299-0955.